May 2017


Agent Retention

By Susan Hash

Contact center are still grappling with the age-old challenge of retaining entry-level staff. A look at recent findings and tips for closing the revolving door.

Agent Disengagement

Examining the Myths and Costs of Agent Disengagement, Part 3

By John Goodman

Strategies for getting CFO investment in boosting agent engagement.

Agility Factor

Differentiator Series Part 4: Nailing Priorities

By Jay Minnucci

To get the most out of your initiatives, the right sequence matters. How to hone your prioritization skills.

Data Security

The Personalized Service and Data Security Dilemma

By Marije Gould

How do you continue to offer your customers the personalized services they have come to expect, while also helping to ensure their privacy and data security?

Healthcare Corner

Centralized Scheduling: Turning Challenges into Triumphs

By Kathleen Peterson

Seven essential tracks for building a successful centralized operation.

Industry Outlook

2016 Was a Busy Year for WFO Restructurings

By Dick Bucci

Where do we go from here? Contact centers are evolving beyond simply providing customer care.

Inside View

TCL North America

By Susan Hash

Agent empowerment is the secret to a great customer service turnaround story.

Management ROI

Need to Improve Your CX? Chatbots Should Be on Your Radar

By Marilyn Saulnier

Chatbots can increase contact center efficiency and free agents to focus on complex interactions.

Strategic Staffing

Employee Engagement Starts Way Before You Even Make a Hire

By Kim Shepherd and Tom Brennan

Lay the foundation for a comprehensive engagement program that is integrated across the employee lifecycle.

Tech Line

Strategy First in Technology Selection

By Brian Hinton

Anchor your decision-making process in defined strategy, requirements and selection criteria.

The View from the Saddle

Communing with Communities

By Paul Stockford

Communities are becoming a key aspect of work life and customer communications.