Contact Center Pipeline teams with industry professionals to examine tightly-focused subjects relevant to everyday contact center operations. Our survey results give insight on what others are doing in our industry and what we expect future trends to look like. The research analysis is independent and instantly applicable to your business challenges. We invite you to participate in future surveys and also review the questions, results and commentary presented on the survey topics below.
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Surveys    January 2018  Strategic management

Contact Center Challenges & Priorities for 2018

By Lori Bocklund

The survey results are out! Let 2018 be the year to raise the contact center profile!

Surveys    July 2017  Technology

Workforce Optimization Survey: Time for the Next Level

By Lori Bocklund

Findings from the 2017 WFO Survey reveal that contact centers often fall short in using technology effectively and driving value.

Surveys  Special Report  January 2017  Strategic management

Contact Center Challenges & Priorities for 2017

By Lori Bocklund

Recent survey findings reveal the latest challenges and priorities facing contact centers in 2017. A follow-up to the widely read 2016 report with year-to-year comparisons.

Surveys    September 2016  Operations management

2016 Agent Performance Survey Final Report

By Susan Hash

How effective are your performance metrics? Do they align with the organization’s strategic business goals? Results from our 2016 Agent Performance Survey.

Surveys    July 2016  People management

2016 Contact Center Work Environment Survey Results

By Jay Minnucci

When speaking with agents about job satisfaction, you often hear about the “little things” that make a work environment comfortable and inviting. Findings from our recent survey on the contact center work environment

Surveys  Special Report  January 2016  Technology

Contact Center Challenges and Priorities

By Lori Bocklund

Which priorities will be at the top of contact centers’ to-do lists for the coming year? Recent survey findings reveal the biggest challenges that centers are dealing with today and their top priorities for 2016.

Surveys    April 2015  Strategic management

Omnichannel Customer Care Study

By Cindy Grimm

Recent research has found that the customer care experience is neither as “omni” or as effective as many believe. Findings from the “CX Act 2015 Study of Omnichannel Customer Care.”

Surveys  Special Report  April 2015  People management

Special Report: Contact Center Training

By Susan Hash

Key insights and practical pointers for contact centers from the industry’s top training experts, along with the findings from our recent training poll.

Surveys    November 2014 

2014 Contact Center Analytics Survey Final Report

By Lori Bocklund

To derive valuable insights, analytics use takes time to mature within an organization. Results from the 2014 Contact Center Analytics Survey.

Surveys    May 2014 

2014 Workforce Optimization Survey Final Report

By Lori Bocklund

What makes workforce optimization solutions successful—and what specific benefits are contact centers realizing from various WFO tools? Contact center practitioners weigh in on how they plan for, deploy and leverage WFO solutions. The survey results explore current challenges to achieving value from WFO, and pinpoint significant areas of opportunity to derive more value from existing tools.

Surveys  Special Report  May 2014 

2014 Workforce Optimization Survey: The Results Are IN(teresting)!

By Lori Bocklund

Findings reveal significant opportunities to drive more value out of WFO tools.

Surveys    July 2013 

2013 Multichannel Metrics Report

By Brenda Kross and Rebecca Gibson and Susan Hash

Contact centers are implementing new customer contact channels – mobile, social media, SMS - as fast as they can to meet growing customer and business demands. But the burden of adding contact channels can throw a wrench into even the smoothest of contact center operations. Findings from the Interactive Intelligence/Contact Center Pipeline survey reveal that more centers are transitioning to a blended channel environment.

Surveys  Special Report  September 2012 

Contact Center Technology Acquisition, Implementation and Support

By Lori Bocklund and Maren Symonds

There's lots of sophisticated contact center technology out there. Perhaps you struggle with getting what you want (or need), or getting the value you expect from it. You may not be alone! It's time to explore the challenges centers face getting budget requests approved, defining selection criteria, implementing technology successfully, and securing effective support. In our latest collaboration with Strategic Contact, we reached out to contact center professionals to learn about their technology acquisition, implementation, and support environments. Our brief survey sheds light on what's really happening "in the trenches."

Surveys    March 2012 

SPECIAL REPORT: Companies Dive Deeper into Multichannel Customer Contact

By Lori Bocklund and Maren Symonds

Results from a recent Multichannel Customer Contact Survey conducted by Strategic Impact and Contact Center Pipeline reveal that contact centers are moving forward and making progress with emerging channels.

Surveys    February 2011 

Multi-channel Customer Contact survey

Contact center leaders weigh in on what their organizations are doing—or not doing—when it comes to multichannel customer contact. New survey results reveal contact centers' progress and plans for traditional and emerging channels.

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