About Snapshotz

Snapshotz is a self evaluation checklist for customer service centres. The checklist contains over 550 variables covering 8 main functional areas and divided into 29 subsections and can be purchased online or as a workbook.
Gain an end to end view of your centre with a tool available to centre management for the first time.

Years of experience have been combined and compressed into this checklist to reduce what usually takes several weeks or even months into hours.

Snapshotz is
  • Easily deployed (within 5 – 10 minutes) and available on demand
  • Easy to use and delivers immediate reporting

More than 400 organizations around the globe have deployed Snapshotz Online. You can implement Snapshotz Online in as little as 5 Minutes, all you need is an internet connection.

The Workbook has several applications as a business tool for customer service.

Snapshotz can be used by managers of contact or call centres / service centres / business centres, team leaders, quality control, marketing and product managers, business process improvement managers, senior management, governing bodies, HR managers, management consultants, entrepreneurs, recruitment consultants and students.

This tool is a 'must have' for any customer service/ call / contact centre or help desk.

Purchase today and gain more control…

Snapshotz online is the option of registering and completing your assessment online.

Make use of this safe and secure option to work through your assessment and receive individualised reports pointing to areas for focus at detail, subsection and functional levels.

These reports are included in the purchase price of Snapshotz online.

The full workbook will take 3 – 5 hours to complete and preparatory time based on availability of information and resource. However for organisations that may be time or resource poor, it should be noted that sections 1-4 and 8.5-8.7 are likely to be the highest priority and will take less time to complete.

Snapshotz online also gives you the flexibility to complete the assessment over a period of 8 weeks, once you register to start the online assessment.

Note purchase of the workbook does not automatically give you access to the online assessment. However on purchase of both the Snapshotz Workbook and Snapshotz Online together, you have the ability to decide when you wish to commence the assessment.

Purchase today and gain more control…