One of the best employee retention tools that you have in your arsenal is training and development for your staff. Nothing speaks louder about your commitment than your willingness to invest in and grow their potential and skills. As if that isn’t enough reason in itself, there are tremendous advantages to your operations. Your organization can benefit from training programs as it develops a common contact center language and skill set across staff. It will provide consistency of objectives and create teamwork and interaction.
These training programs are developed using the highest quality standards. Our dedication to excellence will provide you with timely information and solutions for the contact center challenges you face. There are programs for “newcomers” to the profession and “veteran” contact center professionals alike.

Training Type:

Call Center Management Certification Boot Camp

In-person Seminar. 5-day, instructor-led training course. Includes certification exam. This 5-day learning experience is perfect for management professionals making a lateral move to a call center, as well as those charged with building a new call center or improving an existing one.

Call Center Metrics, Analytics and Reporting

In-person Seminar. 3-day training class. This is THE course on call center metrics, taught by James Abbott, the service engineer that literally wrote the book on the subject. This course fulfills hours requirements toward the Six Sigma Black Belt and the Call Center Engineering Certification (CCCE).

Call Center Service Engineering Boot Camp

In-person Seminar. This 5-day intensive bootcamp training course combines and presents material on the subjects of Call Center Engineering Boot Camp, Data Analytics, Reporting, and Six Sigma Call Center Design. Attendees will be introduced to the mathematical and statistical bases for high-performance call center re-engineering.

Call Center Manager Certification Training

In-person Seminar. 3-day instructor-led training course, includes certification exam. Learn the art and science of contact center management. Hone tactical skills you can utilize every day. Jump-start your center's improvement initiatives. And, earn the industry's most prestigious credential.

Call Center Workforce Management Certification Boot Camp

In-person Seminar. 3-day instructor-led training and certification. Under the guidance of workforce management authority Margaret Klenke, attendees will learn each and every step in the process: from forecasting, scheduling, and real-time respond strategies; to tactics for optimizing costs, coverage and service levels.

Email Elements: A Better Way to Connect with Your Customers

Own Your Own Email Training Program. This course is available in an extended version that you can own and tailor to provide your customer service and sales staff with the specific netiquette skills and online perspective they need to better handle customer emails.

Customer Service Stress Relief

Training DVD for Front-Line Customer Service Reps by Steve Coscia. Innovative, proactive stress-reducing ideas to minimize burnout. A methodical approach to immediate attitude improvement. Improved enthusiasm and vitality in serving your customers.

World Class Service

Training DVD for Front-Line Customer Service Reps by Steve Coscia. World class behaviors which will increase customer retention and yield higher profits. The front-line strategies will improve employee morale and result in a World Class Culture.

World Class Value Pack

Training DVDs and Consulting Package for Front-Line Customer Service Reps by Steve Coscia.