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Contact Center Pipeline is a cutting-edge monthly journal focused on the specific needs and challenges of the contact center. Our advisory board, editor, writers and contributors are known for their unique understanding of what makes the call center the organization’s driving force for attracting and retaining customers and employees, and ensuring long-term success.

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Contact Center Pipeline is published monthly. Each issue features key trends affecting the contact center industry, best practices and successful solutions to the everyday challenges and pain points associated with running a contact center in today’s rapidly changing business environment. The Pipeline’s monthly editorial lineup includes columns exploring the essential contact center management areas, such as strategy, technology, workforce management, training, performance, management ROI, leadership and more. Our writers are a team of industry veterans who offer their expertise in each issue, along with a list of highly respected contributors — all of whom are known for their unique understanding of the inner workings of call centers. Print and Electronic subscriptions available. Remember, all subscriptions are guaranteed. If for some reason you are not pleased with your subscription, your subscription fee will be returned for any issues not yet received, no questions asked.

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