First Engage Yourself: So You Want to Engage Your Employees?

First Engage Yourself: So You Want to Engage Your Employees?

First Engage Yourself: So You Want to Engage Your Employees?

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Millions of articles and podcasts, thousands of books, flood the internet of things showing managers the myriad ways and resources and principles to help their employees rise from their cubicles and ... engage in their work, with each other, with their managers, with their purpose and mission.

Rightfully, so. Companies reporting higher employee engagement levels report higher profits, faster revenue growth, rising cash-flows, greater customer loyalty, fewer accidents ... the list of positive financial outcomes goes on and on.

So, why then have employee engagement levels remained unchanged for over the last decade? Why when it makes so much sense, when the connections from an employee’s engagement to their work to the results of their work are more than line of sight, they are line of touch, do employee engagement levels remain unchanged?

It may be because “employee engagement” is too often treated as one more mandated program to rain down on the heads of managers and team leaders and then trickle-down on to the employees’ desks.

It may be because employees are asked to do what managers and leaders are unwilling to do themselves.

It may be because leaders and managers have not fully engaged themselves with their own roles and missions and purposes before going and seeking that commitment from those they lead and manage.

Armed with 20+ years experience in call center operations, from entry-level customer service to CEO, Zane Safrit walks you through these simple, affordable, doable steps to first engage yourself before seeking engagement from those you lead. He’s taken these steps himself in creating businesses marked by revenue growth, positive cash flows, customer evangelists built on the foundation of engaged employees.

These are simple steps that anyone at any level in a company can take the most important step in creating a culture of engagement. That is to first engage themselves.

These step cost nothing but your time and attention. Precious resources, definitely. However, you can start them today with no budgets to be required and approved and no PowerPoint presentations to organize or watch.

Then once engaged you can begin to lead by example in creating a culture of engagement with those around you.

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