White Papers

Suppliers share their story, in their own words, about how their products and services can help you accomplish your objectives.
Why It’s Time for Your Contact Center to Embrace Omnichannel
Customers expect the same level of service no matter how they contact you. They don’t view your brand as a series of channels, rather they see it as one cohesive unit.
Take Action on the Customer Journey for Enhanced CX Satisfaction and Loyalty
There is a lot of power in being able to jump in and help shape the customer journey to be more direct and with less “turbulence.”
Sennheiser Technology Supports Contact Center Employees with Special Hearing Needs
Headset technology delivers richer sound experience and increased flexibility for hearing-impaired agents.
Looking Forward, Looking Back
We set out to start a conversation and bring contact center leaders together for a dynamic experience. Reflecting on where we’ve been and a brief look ahead.
Contact Centers: The Secret to Business Intelligence
How shifting contact center analytics can lead to stronger business intelligence.
What to Look for in a Secure Headset
Key factors to keep in mind when selecting office headsets for secure environments.
Why It’s Time for Your Company to Embrace Omnichannel
Accuracy and consistency across channels must come from one single source of truth.
Contact Center Ideas & Innovations Tour 2018
A look at how agent empowerment contributes to happy customers.
The Secret Sauce for Increasing Customer Happiness
Key ingredients for making the “secret sauce” that puts customer happiness at the forefront of every business interaction.
Delivering a Personalized, Effortless, Connected CX
Five key strategies to improve customer engagements.
Scheduling Resources Through Communication and Collaboration
Ensuring success in the world of customer support means making omnichannel two-way communication and collaboration foundational in every contact center.
Reach New Speeds to Insight with a Speech Analytics Strategic Blueprint Workshop
The key to success with speech analytics hinges on preparing to operationalize it with a strategy.
Why Teamwork Is the Most Important Investment You’ll Ever Make
The team can only win when it works like a pit crew—fast, focused and in complete harmony.
Focus on Well-Being: The Benefits of Wireless Audio
Headsets have long been a key tool in improving ergonomics for call center agents.
You Can't Rely on Luck to Retain Top Talent: Look to Loyalty, 21st Century Style
Companies are scrambling to find new ways to offer rewards for their employees' loyalty.
Agent Engagement and the Customer Experience
What does it take to improve agent satisfaction and retention? Make sure the tools you offer are an integral part of your overall strategy.
Want Your Customers to Love You? Start by Actively Listening
Banner Health's social customer care team engages in a dialogue that is timely, responsive and personalized.
Welcome to 2018! A Groundswell Is Rising. Are You Ready?
Now is the time to re-evaluate your current workforce engagement management strategy and take a hard look at the cloud.
Contact Center Nation
Contact Center Nation is where passionate fans of the customer experience come to learn, share, connect and collaborate.
Sennheiser Technology Supports Contact Center Employees with Special Hearing Needs
Accommodating skilled agents with hearing impairment allows centers to draw from a comprehensive talent pool.
PACE: Changing with the Times
A lot has changed over the past 30 years, and the Professional Association for Customer Engagement (PACE) has evolved to meet the needs of today’s contact center professionals.
Are You Thankful for Your Customer Feedback Tool?
Not all customer feedback tools are created equal. Key considerations to determine whether yours will move the needle on customer experience.
UC Device Management Creates Greater ROI
Unified communications has brought new capabilities to the contact center, increasing the flexibility, mobility and functionality of its workers.
Engaged Employees = Happy Customers
Creating a dynamic culture that encourages employee engagement means addressing what’s important to contact center employees.
PCI Compliance: An Overview of PCI Standards
The amount of personal data entering the organization through the contact center is increasing, and you need to provide a way to keep it secure.
Fast-Tracking Your Journey to Workforce Optimization: Tips for Mid-sized Contact Centers
Four considerations for mid-sized centers navigating the WFO solutions selection and purchase process.
What Users Request Most in a Headset
A recent survey identifies the top factors in contact center headset purchases.
How to Work with Your Local Economic Development Organization to Combat Area Wage Pressures Affecting Your Call Center
Resources for making wage adjustments to attract and retain talent.
Don’t Equate Silence with Satisfaction
As a small or medium-sized business, it’s easy to get complacent—but there’s no excuse not to create good customer experiences.
Attributes of an Effective Modern UC Headset
Effective audio solutions enhance modern office environments and maximize the benefits of collaborative workspaces.
A Q&A with Teleopti’s David Påhlman
Teleopti is a company that walks the talk when it comes to customer care. A look at what makes this WFM solution provider unique.
5 Ways Verint Mid-Market Solutions Can Help Your Business
Give your mid-sized contact center the power of unified workforce optimization.
Why Size Doesn’t Matter: No Business Is Too Small to Care About Customer Experience
Companies of every size have cost-effective options available to deliver the next-generation experiences customers demand.
The 4 Steps to Replacing a Stale Coaching Program
A look at fresh innovations that are helping organizations to invigorate coaching programs with energy, innovation and excitement.
Can Lean Practices Transform Call Management?
How 60 Year-Old Manufacturing Methodologies are Surprisingly Relevant for Today’s Caller Experiences.
Don’t Settle: 4 Things to Ask Before Choosing a Contact Center Provider
Remember, it’s not just about the features they offer.
Are You Listening? Yes I am. Great, Now Act on What You Heard from Me!
Questions to discuss with your leadership team to get a pulse on where your company is on the customer experience continuum and what you need to do to move forward.
Chatbots—The Next Step in the Evolution of the Contact Center
A combination of chatbots and well-scheduled human agents with the right skills could be today’s silver bullet solution for effective customer service.
InGenius’ team focuses 100% of their passion and effort on CTI, and they excel at it. A Q&A with VP of Product Management and Marketing Kari Simpson.
InGenius is a computer telephony integration innovator with over 20 years of experience in enterprise telephony.
How Will Changes in Minimum Wage Laws Affect Your Contact Center Location Decisions?
A look at the implications and potential budget impacts from minimum wage increases that will take place in 2017 and beyond.
Professional Association for Customer Engagement
PACE is the only non-profit trade organization dedicated exclusively to the advancement of companies that use an omnichannel approach to engaging their customers.
FrontLine Group
A Q&A with FrontLine Group—a BPO that brings to its clients customer care processes, standards and strategies that have been refined over the past 96 years.
Unifying the Customer Journey
Discover how Cloud Callback unifies the customer journey and improves the customer experience.
Incentives? Sure, Throw in the Floor Mats
Incentives do not make a better location—they make a better deal.
Moving Your Business Forward By Moving to the Cloud
SaaS is one of the fastest-growing segments of technology today. Six great reasons to move to the cloud.
Make the Smart Move to Medford, Oregon
Location, strong industry growth and incentives make Medford, Oregon, a leading candidate for site selection.
Headset Is No Longer Just a Headset
Engineering new premium audio applications for the future of unified communications.
Building Your Training Team from the Ground Up
Having an in-house training team provides myriad benefits to any center. Pointers for creating an effective and efficient training team.
Why Customer Analytics Are Key to Unlocking Customer Experience
The conversations between agents and callers uniquely position the contact center to provide customer insight like no other inbound marketing channel can.
Sennheiser: 70+ Years of Perfecting Workplace Headsets
A Q&A with Sennheiser—a pioneer in the global audio industry with 70 years of success creating high-performance audio and recording technologies.
Finding a New Facility? Is It on the Top of Your Mind?
Understanding the critical real estate search during the expansion or relocation process.
How Engage WFO Is Providing Advantages That Benefit Tufts Medical Center Patients
When Tufts Medical Center needed an easy-to-use call recording and workforce optimization solution, they turned to TelStrat’s Engage WFO.
Elevate Your Contact Center to Support Omnichannel
A cloud contact center solution helps you to get a complete picture of your customers by connecting the full spectrum of technologies.
Why You Need to Perform Customer Segmentation at Your Contact Center
A one-size-fits-all approach to business rarely works. Segmentation can help to meet the needs of your high-value customers while also offering a level of personalization to all customers.
Key Considerations When Moving Your Contact Center to the Cloud
Having a well-thought-out plan will help you to avoid downtime and increase immediate and long-term success.
The Sound of Productivity: Improving the Workplace Through Superior Audio
Noise levels in the workplace are a notable deterrent to productivity. Audio headset technology offers control over ambient noise and distractions.
Improve the Performance of Your Contact Center with Global, Analytics-Driven Routing
Cloud-based software offers real-time visibility and control over global call traffic.
Site Selection: Where Is the Available Workforce?
In the past, the top priority was location, location, location. In today’s BPO/call center industry, it’s labor, labor and more labor.
To Repair, Refurbish or Recycle Your Headsets… That Is the Question!
Wondering what to do with that pile of old, broken headsets? How to determine which ones to repair, refurbish or recycle.
How Workforce Intelligence Creates a Better Customer Experience
Leverage the vast potential of contact center data by adopting a Workforce Intelligence system.
One Contact Resolution
One Contact Resolution (OCR) is the metric that matters most for improving customer experience in the new multichannel world.
Operational Innovations Designed to Support Customer Success
At Connect First, our goal is to provide proven contact center software and solutions that support each of our customer’s goals, while also offering insight into how the market is shifting.
How to Sort Through the Sea of Options
Three factors to help ease the painstaking process of sorting through endless contact center options.
Next-Generation Contact Center: A Symphony of Customer Satisfaction
Five insights to ensure that your contact center components interact with each other like a finely tuned symphony orchestra.
Communication Is Everything
Effective communication is vital to your company’s success. Sennheiser headsets are designed to create the most natural, comfortable listening experience.
Site Selection: Do You Know the Process That Will Save You $$?
A brief overview of the site selection process.
The Power of Customer Interaction Analytics
The intelligence that can be mined from the big data of customer interactions is driving continuous process improvement throughout organizations worldwide.
The Caller Experience
Alarming Practices and Outdated Technology Create a Customer Satisfaction Challenge
Is Your Customer Journey Worth the Trip?
Best practices to help you down the road toward a mobile-friendly customer experience.
Sennheiser’s Contact Center and Office Headsets and Bluetooth Security
A look at the high level of security that Bluetooth technology offers, along with the supplementary security that Sennheiser’s products provide.
Reducing the Burden of PCI Compliance in the Contact Center
An innovative QM recording solution that never records or stores sensitive customer information.
Safeguard Your Contact Center to Meet Updated TCPA Requirements
Changes in regulations often trigger compliance failures. Steps centers can take to remove the stress of compliance upkeep.
Consistent Customer Experiences Start with a Consistent Quality Management Program
The foundation for delivering a consistent customer experience is a consistent QM program. A breakdown of three key steps to set your program up for success.
Do You Really Need 100% Call Recording to Understand What’s Happening in Your Call Center?
Call center analytics is not about the number of calls you record, but the insights you are able to gather from the data.
Masterminding the Intelligent Omnichannel Contact Center
Cloud contact centers can harmonize customer data under a single hood, while workforce analytics can help connect customers with the right agents.
How Testing Solutions Reduce Risk & Improve Customer Satisfaction
Don’t take unnecessary risks when it comes to the reliability of your communications systems. Businesses have quite a few useful options when it comes to proactive testing.
5 Best Practices for Offering the Journey of a Lifetime
As a customer-facing company, you don’t want to simply offer an experience. How to make the journey the delight of your customers, and the envy of your competitors.
Emotional Assessments: A Disruptive Innovation in Agent Hiring and Retention
Research shows that an individual’s emotions, emotional disposition and emotional intelligence impact his or her work performance, team dynamics and business outcomes.
Three Coming Contact Center Trends and the Impact on Real-Time Management
It’s hard to image that the real-time demand pressures faced by contact center managers will increase in the future. Yet that’s exactly where three coming trends are pointing.
The Future of Consumer Engagement: Context, Continuity, Convenience
The opportunity to drive loyalty hinges on the ability to integrate every interaction point with the customer service infrastructure to ensure a consistent, continuous experience as consumers move between channels.
Mitel—A Global Leader
From small, single sites to distributed, multisite, virtual centers, MiContact Center seamlessly scales to address any need.
Consistent Customer Experiences Start with a Consistent Quality Management Program
The foundation for delivering a consistent customer experience is a consistent QM program. A breakdown of three key steps to set your program up for success.
Gear Up for HIPAA Phase II in Your Contact Center
HIPAA Compliance: What it is and why it matters.
Support Interaction Optimization: Automating the Last Frontier of Customer Tech Support
A new white paper on SIO takes a practical, hard-hitting look at the natural last step in using automation to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the contact center.
WebRTC Testing for Today’s Contact Centers
Make sure that your WebRTC-enabled contact center infrastructure lives up to your customers’ service expectations with load testing and availability and performance monitoring.
Don't Be the Victim of a Targeted Security Breach
The ins and outs of PCI compliance for the cloud.
Fast Track Customers to the Easy Life
How to ensure that you're enabling your customers to coast smoothly down the road.
Improve Agent Performance with Predictive Hiring Analytics
Predicting a new-hire's performance and tenure potential before that candidate is hired can significantly reduce costs while improving retention, engagement and performance.
Deliver Outstanding Customer Experiences with Workforce-Intelligence
It's time to integrate the core contact center platform and WFO systems.
Behavioral Analytics Is Now a Reality
Leading contact centers are using behavioral analysis to align callers’ personality types and communication preferences with agents’ strengths for an improved customer experience.
Effectively Leverage Collaborative Game Play for Real-World Results
Gamification provides a powerful “win-win”—motivating agents to work more effectively drives higher performance for the contact center and customers.
Behavioral Analytics Is Now a Reality
Leading contact centers are using behavioral analysis to align callers’ personality types and communication preferences with agents’ strengths for an improved customer experience.
Is Your Organization Easy to Work With?
Examine the key aspects of your customer interactions to gain invaluable insight into its strengths and opportunities for improvement.
Workforce Optimization Is Not a One-Size-Fits-All Solution
Understand your operation’s strengths and weaknesses to determine which WFO processes and tools are necessary versus nice to have.
Amplify Your Customer Experiences While Achieving Your Business Goals
Proactive Customer Communications (PCC) solutions allow your organization to strategically coordinate the use of multiple communications channels as part of a customer engagement strategy.
Improve Frontline Connections in the Contact Center
The relationship between supervisors and agents is integral to performance success. Seven tips to improve communications for frontline managers.
Medical Center Boosts Customer Service with IVR
A medical contact center turns to a robust IVR and self-service solution to dramatically cut wait times and dropped calls, while boosting call-handling performance.
How to Maximize the Benefits of Speech Analytics for Your Organization
Best practices for making your interaction analytics actionable.
The Engaged Hiring Process: A Simple Plan to Help You Hire the Best
The Engaged Hiring Process: A Simple Plan to Help You Hire the Best, by Zane Safrit, is a practical guide for hiring managers. It includes proven resources and methods from other recognized experts in small business hiring and talent management in addition to Safrit’s real-world examples of how he and his team applied them in a dynamic environment marked with rapid change and the need for “all hands on deck.”
Smart Advice for Utility Companies: Better Meters Require Better Communication Channels
Providing superior customer service calls for an omnichannel or multichannel communication environment in which agents are empowered and equipped to effectively resolve issues.
WebRTC Testing for Today’s Contact Centers
WebRTC is an exciting, disruptive technology that promises to make customer interaction with your agents much easier than anything that has come before it.
The Anatomy of Delivering Exceptional Multichannel Customer Service
Focus on three key components to establish a solid customer care technology foundation.
5 Factors for Consistent Omnichannel Service
Five factors to elevate the customer experience across all channels.
Connect First
How Smart IVR Design Choices Can Improve the Customer Experience
Simple tips to ensure the success of your IVR investment.
TantaComm Provides More of What Matters to You
Product alone does not provide a company with a reputation of reliability.
Catching Up to Millennials to Drive Business… Wait, What?!
How to adapt the business landscape for your tech-savvy, social media dependent millennial employees.
Is Your Vendor Just Vending?
When it comes to contact center technology, there are vendors—and there are partners. Which do you have?
Connect First
Drag and Drop Makes IVR Setup Easier Than Ever
A drag-and-drop solution provides complete control over the IVR journey.
Don’t Call Us, We’ll Call You
A customer-obsessed company figures out who you are, why you want to talk to them, and then offers to pick up the tab for the call.
Five Things to Know About CRM and Cloud Contact Centers
Combining CRM and contact center software and housing both solutions in the cloud makes seamless integration a breeze, while keeping complexity at a minimum.
Keys to Delivering an Exceptional Customer Experience
Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the hiring process reduces costs and voluntary attrition, and improves the overall operational performance of the contact center.
TantaComm’s “Fresh Message” Brings a Competitive Edge to the Contact Center Marketplace
TantaComm is extending its different approach to WFO to contact center operations of all sizes and types.
Speech Analytics: It’s All About Statistics
A look at the two key approaches to speech analytics: phonetics and LVCSR (large vocabulary continuous speech recognition). Which should you choose?
Connect First
The Great Cloud Migration
Key takeaways from DMG’s “2013-2014 Cloud-Based Contact Center Infrastructure Market Report.”
Effectively Reaching Out to Your Customers
Best practices in outbound dialing.
Contact Center Workforce Optimization Drives Efficiency, Quality and Compliance
Continuous Workforce Optimization combines interaction management with WFO capabilities to create a solution to continuously analyze and improve the customer experience, operational efficiency and meet compliance and quality standards.
Do We Need a New Sales Model?
Online marketing, cloud and contact center technology is impacting how buyers shop for products, and how vendors sell to them.
What Contact Center Visionaries Know About Workforce Optimization—and How They’re Using It to Get Ahead of the Competition
In a hyper-connected world, all of the contact center’s touchpoints must be integrated and accessible to everyone in real time, and in ways that make sense to each individual. A well-crafted WFO solution makes that possible.
Flexible Deployment Model: It’s the Uber Hybrid-Cloud-Hosted-On-Premise Solution
More solutions in the cloud means contact centers have flexible deployment options.
IQ Services
Optimize Your Customers’ Service Experience
Introducing a multistep process that first defines and then deploys Virtual Customers to perform real, end-to-end transactions to evaluate application and technology performance related to customer experience impact.
Do We Need a New Sales Model?
It is clear that we are undergoing a major transformation in sales and how the sales process is conducted. Are we entering a new era, which some experts such as Esteban Kolsky, Founder & CEO of ThinkJar, call the post-CRM era? Perhaps, but the fundamentals won’t change. However the inside sales phenomenon is real and is impacting sales organizations of every size, at every kind of enterprise.
Cloud Contact Centers: Understanding the Real ROI
When considering the ROI of moving a contact center to the cloud, it may seem natural to think first of the directly measurable cost-savings advantages. Yet research by Aberdeen Group found improved customer experience to the largest driver of cloud-based deployments.
Beyond Hurricanes: Lessons We Can All Learn from Sandy
Your contact center may not face a Sandy, but there are all kinds of storms that can pose a threat. Is your center ready?
How are Prevalent Contact Center Trends Impacting Your Business?
Download the quick reference Snapshot from Enghouse Interactive to keep on hand when considering the growth of your Customer Engagement Center.
Contact Center Trends:
The Evolution of the Customer Engagement Center
Dive into the details behind modern day trends employed by successful Customer Engagement Centers (CEC) that are thriving in this new era of customer-centricity, customer advocacy, and customer lifetime value.
Position Paper
Sometimes if feels like there’s no safe place to stand, but there are feasible solutions to the challenges that contact center managers face. Learn how to overcome the obstacles with our position paper.
Ins and Outs ebook
Sales and customer service contact centers are under increasing pressure to increase efficiency and effectiveness with limited budgets. The cloud contact center can help.
Three Keys for Improving Agent Performance with Gamification
Agents will embrace gamified work when they’re recognized and rewarded for work improvement achievements. Three keys to successfully energize your workforce to outperform.
The State of the Modern Contact Center
A conversation about cloud computing with Esteban Kolsky, founder and principal of thinkJar, a customer strategy consulting and think tank organization.
Enghouse Interactive
Innovative Best Practices in Designing and Managing Self-Service
Insights and tips for controlling the costs of knowledge management systems, building a knowledge content strategy and effective use of self-service IVR systems.
Enghouse Interactive
Strategies and Solutions for Improving Customer Experiences
As the market for goods and services saturates, commoditization eliminates price as a differentiation. Customers are becoming more and more sophisticated, so how do companies compete for new business while retaining existing clients? They must differentiate themselves by innovating, offering great customer service, and by providing exceptional customer experience. Great customer experience can not only cultivate loyalty for your products, it can also develop your most loyal customers into strong advocates for your brand.
Use Social Media to Turn Your Contact Center into an Opportunity Center
Mike Ellsworth of Social Media Performance Group shares his insights on social media customer service and how to prepare your contact center to include this valuable channel.
Connect First
Cloud Systems Offer Agility to Adapt Quickly to Change
Cloud systems and applications are a game-changer for the contact center industry. Cloud technology offers the agility to adapt quickly to rapidly evolving customer communication channels.
Enghouse Interactive
Why Is Customer Experience Management Important?
A three-step approach to designing, implementing and managing highly effective customer experiences.
Teleflora’s Contact Center Blooms Through ICMI’s Professional Certification
Teleflora turns to ICMI’s Professional Certification program to help bring its customer access strategy to the 21st century.
WebRTC and the Global Contact Center
With the introduction of the cloud contact center and the development of cloud WebRTC communications, the contact center is even more capable of delivering consistent and extraordinary customer service, regardless of country or location.
The Key to Big Data Success in the Contact Center
Make sure that the system you implement for big data in the contact center does the hard work in the background so that your agents can keep their focus on the customer.
Driving Call Center Performance (AAA Southern California)
A call center leader expands her knowledge of the call center business through ICMI Professional Certification.
Requirements for Multichannel Cloud Contact Center Success
Thinking of upgrading your multichannel contact center platform? Here are a few considerations for success.
Roche Diagnostics Achieves Actionable Results Through ICMI Professional Certification
A Roche Diagnostics’ consumer services leader shares his experience attaining ICMI Professional Certification.
Top 5 Trends in Customer Service Innovation
Looking to discover a better way to deliver consistent customer service? Download this eBook to learn:
  • How social and mobile are changing customer service for the better
  • Why tracking long-term customer loyalty gives you the best insight
  • Why the CRM of the future will throw off the shackles of data
  • How holistic case management can become the secret weapon for the best customer service
Bright Pattern
How to Unify the Customer Experience
Contact center technology evolves in roughly 10-year cycles. As we plunge headlong into the latest cycle, it’s clearly evident what’s in and what’s on its way out.
Connect First
Telemarketers Lawyering Up for New TCPA Rules
The clock is ticking and organizations with outbound contact centers are preparing for another round of revisions to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), which take effect October 16th.
The Road to Better Contact Center Management (AAA Oregon/Idaho)
AAA Oregon/Idaho’s executives find that ICMI Professional Certification meets the need for rigorous professional education and development in the call center leadership field.
Webinar: Dr. Natalie Petouhoff discusses her latest research and the benefits that integrated, multichannel agent desktops can offer your business and today's channel-agnostic customer.
White paper Description: Companies striving toward the new Social Customer Service paradigm are rewarded with stronger brand preferences, brand loyalty, reduced customer churn, and more! Find out how.
Demo: The LiveOps integration with Salesforce CRM
provides in-bound and out-bound telephony management, call routing, agent availability, CTI screen pop and call control.
Happy agents equal happy customers.
Read this eBook from LiveOps to find out how to improve your bottom line through a better agent experience.
Regarding Your IVR: You’re Doing It Wrong
Are you missing an opportunity to better service customers and reduce your cost per agent?
Coca-Cola Invigorates Contact Center Through ICMI Professional Certification
When soft drink maker Coca-Cola decided to refresh its approach to contact center management, it turned to ICMI’s Professional Certification Program.
Inova Solutions
Improve Contact Center Performance with Real-Time Metrics
This white paper provides use cases and best practices to help contact center managers and supervisors identify and use real-time key performance indicators (KPIs) to improve their operation. It also provides guidance to assist contact center leaders in deciding if real-time performance management is right for their organization.
Three Tips for Measuring Voice in a Sea of Data
Advances in technology allow companies to effectively analyze voice interactions with customers as part of the overall data coming into the organization. How to harness the power of conversation.
Understanding Your Customers' DNA
Every call, email, chat and social media interaction generates a series of important data points. These small but useful clues, like strands of DNA, hold the key to intelligent connections.
Four Intuitive Steps to Customer Experience Delight
How to ensure that your CX strategy delivers CX delight, builds long-term brand loyalty and sets your brand apart from the competition.
IQ Services
IQ Services
IQ Services tests and monitors contact center customer service experience.
One Type Never Fits All
Flexibility is key when choosing contact center technology partners.
Pure Proactive Doubles Production After Switching to SafeSoft Solutions
Using SafeSoft, Pure Proactive was able to double their daily appointment settings to reach more people and save more lives with their virtual health and wellness coaching programs. The firm partners with health clubs and large corporations to improve health and overall well-being.
Pub Club Leads Triples Revenue in Under One Year With SafeSoft Solutions
How does one grow an ethical and transparent consumer lead generation business, using best-in-breed cloud-computing technology for automated telephone dialing and lead
Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning Quadruples Production using SafeSoft Solutions
Residential gutter cleaning is an inherently seasonal business, with peaks in the spring and fall. Read our case study to learn how Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning of Long Island used SafeSoft technology to capitalize on these peak periods, and introduce new services to smooth seasonal variability.
Iconic Partners Grows Fivefold With SafeSoft Solutions
Iconic Partners is a sales-first strategic marketing firm focused on serving commercial insurance industry professionals embarking on aggressive book-building growth plans. Iconic chose SafeSoft Solutions to support their own rapid growth, in just under a year.
Five Keys to Exceptional Workforce Optimization
Understanding the steps in the recruiting cycle, and the time interval involved in each, will help recruiting and operations find common ground for improving the overall process.
Improving Up-Sell Revenues with OpenSpan
In a competitive and changing marketplace, businesses want to derive as much income as possible from each customer contact or transaction. Read how OpenSpan has helped optimize customer service for organizations in numerous industries.
Antisocial Media in the Call Contact Center!
Communication options have proliferated well beyond the simple phone call. Lately, social media has become the channel du jour, but is anyone listening or responding?
OpenSpan For Financial Services
Banks and financial institutions face numerous challenges in today's economy, from merger/acquisition pressures and corporate risk mitigation to universal challenges such as shrinking budgets. This whitepaper discusses how global banks and financial services firms are using OpenSpan to stay competitive.
Connect First
5 Factors Driving Adoption of Cloud-Based Contact Center Solutions
More than 18% of all contact centers in the United States will be cloud-based by 2015. A look at the major factors driving adoption.
Moving at the Speed of Business: The Agility of Cloud-Based Customer Service
Meeting the expectations of today’s connected customer requires an agile and responsive approach to customer service via the cloud.
OpenSpan for Contact Centers
This whitepaper highlights a number of common contact center challenges, including the need to improve agent productivity and performance without sacrificing customer service quality.
Boosting Loyalty and Bottom Line Results by Putting Customers First
Customers increasingly expect organizations to better anticipate individual needs and provide more personalized, on-demand services across every channel, no matter what device the customer chooses to access information. Learn how to optimize interactions and ultimately foster greater loyalty.
Streamlining Customer On-Boarding Process with OpenSpan
Customer on-boarding challenges often plague contact centers, point-of-sale outlets such as retail banks, and back offices that process large volumes of customer information. This whitepaper discusses these common challenges and how OpenSpan can streamline and improve the process.
Enriching Your Customer Strategy with Proactive Customer Communications
Proactive Customer Communications turn once 'dreaded' telemarketing phone calls into important informational alerts or message updates that organizations of all kinds can use to deliver greater value for an improved customer experience which in turn builds customer brand loyalty.
Join the Crowd, Moving to the Cloud
To meet the challenges of migrating legacy IVR in a climate of decreased resources, companies are increasingly turning to on-demand, cloud-based solutions as an ideal way to implement IVR. It's your time to join the crowd and move to the cloud - download the white paper today.
New Strategies to Maximize Identification Rates in Your IVR
Companies can realize a 5% to 6% cost reduction just by improving the identification and verification (ID&V) process.
Creating Fortune 500 Service with Less
When it comes to customer service, business and IT should share a common goal—never losing sight of what customers need. Making a customer-centric technology selection is the first and most important step in reaching that goal.
Managing to the Multigenerations
It is imperative that contact centers look at their recruiting, hiring and retention plans for all generations. Five ways to prepare for an ever-changing workforce.
The Broadening of Contact Center Horizons
Savvy executives recognize that effectively utilizing their contact center technology and human resources can mean the difference between being a market leader and just being one of the pack. In this paper, The Broadening of Contact Center Horizons, we’ll look at how investing in the right contact center solution can help transform your enterprise and enhance your business outlook.
The Pivotal Role of Emotion in Your Customers’ Experience
Now that industry leaders have raised the bar for all, what kind of experience do customers really expect? Highlights of AchieveGlobal's customer experience global survey.
Next-Gen Contact Centers: Getting Social Right
Social media holds enormous potential, but the sheer volume of information along with customers' higher expectations means that there are huge pitfalls ahead for companies that make social media mistakes.
The Changing World of Customer Service:
Building a Customer-First Foundation to Stay Ahead of the Game
Over the last few years, new technologies have dramatically changed the landscape of company-customer interaction. One thing remains constant for success in service: a strong relationship with the customer. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be a truly service-focused company.
Not everybody is well suited to work at home. Contact centers need to adopt a unique approach to recruiting, hiring and management to ensure that their home-agent strategy is successful. A look at four key areas to probe when interviewing prospective home agents.
Blending inbound and outbound calling can increase revenue and customer satisfaction as long as the underlying platform is ideally suited for blended operations. A cloud contact center solution will deliver the capabilities and business flexibility required.
Three megatrends that are defining how, where and why we work.
The Power of Personalization: Optimizing Customer Self-Service for Increased Loyalty and Cost Savings
A 5% improvement in customer retention can result in a 25 to 100% increase in profits. Boost loyalty by personalizing the customer experience.
Creating Adaptable Agents to Improve the Customer Experience and Cost Savings
The adaptable agent is a high-performance agent who leverages new technologies and can seamlessly shift to support new products, promotions and services, or quickly address a crisis or concern.
Understanding the Customer Experience in a Multichannel Environment and Cost Savings
More interaction channels mean more opportunities to either delight or disappoint your customers. A look at the three cornerstones of customer experience management in a multichannel contact center environment.
Case Study: How Cloud-based Contact Center Software Gives Expert Planet the Edge and Cost Savings
Expert Planet turns to Five9 for gains in efficiency and effectiveness through a scalable cloud-based telephony platform that integrates seamlessly with homegrown applications.
Sigmund Freud and Contact Center Monitoring Technology and Cost Savings
Change your monitoring strategy to maximize your time and improve your visibility into business performance. Three alternatives to the common monitoring solution.
Breaking Business Boundaries with Virtual Contact Center Efficiency
Is a hosted solution the right fit for your organization? A look at the benefits of a virtual contact center.
5 Ways CEM Feedback Improves Your Contact Centers
Start tracking a 'Contact Center' metric that really matters: Customer Experience
According to Forrester research, customers’ phone satisfaction rates within the contact center have universally dropped four years in a row. Your other operational contact center metrics, such as handle-time and FCR, are scientifically tracked. You should do the same with customer experience data. While many solutions claim to capture customer sentiment, the best way to know how a customer feels is to ask him or her directly.
With a Customer Experience Management (CEM) feedback management platform, you can capture the customer’s voice not only within the contact center, but also across the entire enterprise, so you can consistently monitor how customers feel about doing business with you.
Extending Workforce Management from the Contact Center into Back-Office Operations
The performance and efficiency gains provided by workforce management solutions—along with associated cost savings—have led businesses to extend the technology into their back-office operations.
Sennheiser Communications
Sennheiser Communications Offers New United Communications Solutions
Whether you're in the office, traveling or working from home, Sennheiser offers a comprehensive range of quality headsets to enhance users' Unified Communications experience.
The Time for Mobile Solutions Has Come
The mobile generation is not defined by age, but by their dependence on smartphone technology to communicate, entertain, shop and self-service. This generation’s preference for text, chat and call-me-back options present both problems and possibilities for today's contact centers.
Telephony & CRM: A Match Made in the Cloud
Organizations are reducing dependence on premise-based solutions, and are shifting to solutions designed for, and running in, the cloud. A look at the financial and operational benefits of integrating cloud-based CTI and CRM solutions.
Becoming Channel Agnostic in the Mobile Age
No one can predict which service channels customers will prefer at any given time, especially if they are accessing your company via a mobile device that gives them immediate access to every channel all the time. The solution: Become channel agnostic.
Your Opportunity to Create a High Performance Workforce
Your reputation is on the line. If you invest in training for your contact center supervisors and managers, will you get a return on investment? What benefits can you expect to see? Can you justify the investment to bring this training to your location? This whitepaper highlights the benefits of supervisor/manager training, and outlines a business case for investing in call center training.
About AtelUSA Contact Center
By Ricardo Navarrete
We have been servicing 40% of the inbound/outbound calls of Mexico's largest mobile carrier for the past 16 years.
Enghouse Interactive
Looking Across the Full "Spectrum of Customer Interactions"
By Alex Black
As organizations have evolved their communications strategies over recent decades, contact centers have become widely recognized as a cornerstone in delivering the best possible experience across every customer interaction.
Serve the Customer, Not the Channel
By Karen Andrews, Robb Duke
Start with IVR for first-contact resolution. What does the acronym FCR mean to you? Is it known in your organization as "First-Call Resolution" or "First-Contact Resolution"? Lately, some might even refer to FCR as "Frenzied Customer Report".
Oregon Corrections Enterprises
Inmate Contact Centers: Training on the Inside to Work on the Outside
By Brad Atkins Oregon Corrections Enterprises provides inmates with an opportunity to become productive citizens and improve their lives.
Picking the Right Category of KM Software
By Duane George
Don’t try to fit a square peg into a round hole. Select a knowledge management solution that creates value based on your contact center’s unique requirements.
Atel USA
By Ricardo Navarrete
Many companies have found Mexico to be a great nearshore option to support their Hispanic market sales and marketing strategies.
The Purpose and Goals of a Call Center Audit
By Colin Taylor
In today's competitive environment, call center audits are a necessary checkup to maintain a healthy, well-functioning operation.
Building a “Quality” Program that Drives Business Success
By Linda Duba
A Quality Redesign Roadmap for changing the quality culture from a “monitor” environment to one of focused, proactive change management.
How to Choose the Right Third-Party Verification and Call-Recording Partner
By Gregory Carter
Five key factors for selecting the right phone verification and call-recording partner.
Embracing Change Head-On:

The Advantages of Cloud-based Contact Center Software Solutions

Moving to integrated, cloud-based contact center technology has allowed companies to eliminate the high costs and hassles of maintaining complex internal systems and to drive real benefits from the rapid scaling and business flexibility provided by this technology. In this report, we’ll examine the strategy of migrating from premises- to cloud-based contact center software solutions—why it makes sense for some organizations, what to consider, and how a few real-world migration efforts have fared.
How to Improve Agent Performance in Three Easy Steps
People and process are just as important as technology in optimizing agent performance. Three cost-effective ways to invest in the success of your call center staff.
The Critical Nature of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
Disasters and hardware failures come without warning and can have a devastating impact on your company’s image and bottom line. Ideas to ensure that you stay operational when disaster strikes.
IDC Social Media Insight- 1011 Published 229996
Social media is a hot topic in today's customer care conversations, and for good reason. Social customer relationship management (CRM), also referred to as SCRM, is having an enormous impact on customer care today. Customer care providers have largely taken the dive into the world of providing social CRM to their customers, whether with large and comprehensive offerings or at a minimum with some basic services allowing their customers the opportunity to dip a toe in the water of social media. These services being relatively new offerings, providers are wading into unchartered territory. This recently released whitepaper from IDC titled "Social Media Services Trends in Customer Care Outsourcing" discusses the social CRM services offered by customer care outsourcing providers and illustrates the characteristics and trends as well as the benefits and challenges of these services. This whitepaper also provides a highlight summary of several customer care providers' social media service offerings.
Sustained Management: Changing the Game with Genesys iWD
By Bradley Baumunk
The Genesys intelligent Workload Distribution (iWD ) solution has the potential to do for your back office what the phone switch did for your contact center. A five-step process for ensuring a successful implementation.
Why Workforce Optimization Needs to Change with the Times
By Tom Goodmanson
Today’s customer demands a new kind of service through social media and other channels. Providing customers agents, managers and executives with ready access to the right data at the right time with the right tools is key to a stronger, more successful enterprise.
Impact Learning Systems
No Time to Coach?
By Rachel Miller
Coaching agents isn't something that is done only when time permits, for poor performers or when it's review time. Coaching—the art of giving feedback to employees—is a required management skill.
Hope Is Not a QA Strategy: Don’t Leave Your Contact Center Quality to Chance
By Patrick Botz
Are you getting the most from your QA program? New QA solutions that record all calls and apply analytics will uncover all kinds of issues and challenges that you never knew you had.
Hosted Contact Centers Save More Than 40% Over 5 Years Vs. Premises-Based Offerings
By Mariann McDonagh
It has always been common sense that if you switch from a premise-based solution to the cloud, the savings (both in dollars and time) is substantial. However, a new report from Frost & Sullivan, Premise Vs. Hosted Contact Center: Total Cost of Ownership Analysis, shows that, not only is that assumption correct, but the savings get better and bigger the larger the contact center and the more solutions being used.
Personality Mapping Technology Drives Improved Results
By Allen Kurzman
Satisfied Agents = Satisfied Customers
By Tom Goodmanson
In the contact center business, we understand how vital each contact center agent is to a company’s bottom line. Agents serve as a critical entry point for customers looking for help or wanting to buy. Without good service from your contact center, customer satisfaction suffers as does the overall business. In order to help achieve good service, companies must first satisfy those who run the contact center engine—the agents.
The Importance of Proper Hiring, Training, Career Path Development, Skilling and Routing
By Bradley Baumunk
Hiring the right people in the contact center and back office has always been challenging. Hire the wrong person and they’ll often either leave within the first 90 days, a cost that has been reported as high as $12,000 per person, or else they’ll likely contribute to the customer experience in a negative manner.
Is the last thing considered for a contact center establishment the furnishings? Should it be the first?
By Kevin Singleton
Well, we did the math, the numbers look good, and we are bringing our contact center back to the United States. We have the facility, all the hardware, software and people. Oops, we forgot about the furnishings! Oftentimes, our customers fnd themselves in this situation. They run frantically to the nearest systems furniture dealer to resolve the issue. Generally, the big manufacturer systems dealer sees dollar signs. While the poor contact center project manager sees a dwindling budget. But cookie-cutter furnishings will just not be the best fit for the operation. One size does not fit all.
inContact White Paper
When Disaster Strikes, Keep on Talking
By Mariann McDonagh
Finally, there is an alternative to building a $750,000 plus backup facility. Business disruption is every contact center's nightmare, yet defending yourself against an extended outage had traditionally carried a staggering price tag.
Staffing and Workload Management: Challenges and Opportunities
The second article in this series fleshes out the importance of properly managing contact center and back-office work, especially through the alignment of employee skill sets. The proper marriage of the contact center and the back office can directly translate to an improved customer experience and decreased employee attrition.
Don't You Know Who I AM?
What your customers want you to know about IVR self-service.
Social Media and Customer Service: Fix the Process Before You Run Out of Socks
By Steve Kraus
A lot of attention, and rightfully so, is being paid to the ability for customers to directly influence other customers and prospects through the use of social media. Social media serves as the "bullhorn" that amplifies the underlying flaws in customer service that many of us have experienced for years.
Tiered Service: The Next Step in Optimizing Contact Centers
By Jason Williams
Savvy businesses have long segmented customer perks according to customer value. The same tiered service concept can help contact centers cope with business pressures ranging from escalating costs and mounting competition to reduced product/service differentiation that complicates customer retention efforts.
"Rethinking Contact Center and Back Office Processes: The Challenges of Achieving Balance and Consistency" details the critical need of ensuring that customers are provided with a consistent service level while at the same time making sure that your employee occupancy is balanced. This will lead to an optimized headcount while minimizing internal costs and improving overall customer satisfaction.
A Frontline-Driven Approach to Service
An Interview with Cooney Solutions Group's Tim Montgomery
Cooney Solutions Group’s Tim Montgomery discusses top challenges facing the contact center industry and the role that a customer-centric culture plays in improving performance while keeping a handle on operational costs.
Varolii Corporation
Southwest Airlines Reaches Passengers in Seconds Flat
For Southwest Airlines, timing is everything.
When flights are cancelled, passengers want to know—before they arrive at the airport. That’s why the airline implemented Varolii automated communications. Rather than make agents scramble to reach every affected customer, they now quickly reach passengers through SMS, email, and automated voice messaging to inform them of the disruption with options to rebook another flight or make other arrangements. Passengers love the service, and so do the contact center agents.
Know what your customers want to hear—before they do.
In this free information kit, learn how proactive notifications can change your business by cutting operating costs, building loyalty and keeping your best customers informed—not annoyed.
Even in a Declining Economy, Workforce Optimization Delivers a Tangible ROI