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We are a team of professionals sharing our long-standing experience and expertise in driving successful contact center direction and decisions

Contact Center Pipeline is a cutting-edge monthly journal focused on the specific needs and challenges of the contact center. Our advisory board, editor, writers and contributors are known for their unique understanding of what makes the call center the organization's driving force for service delivery, aligning customer experience and ensuring long-term business success.

Each month, well-respected industry leaders, practitioners and consultants present their insights, strategies, best practices and lessons learned to help you run an effective and efficient operation.

Susan Hash
Contact Center Pipeline

Welcome to Contact Center Pipeline! We are excited to be delivering a compelling specialized publication to the contact center industry, and we hope you'll become a regular reader.

For those of you who are not familiar with us, we are a team of professionals bringing together decades of call center industry expertise, problem-solving and real-world experience. Our mission is

to help our readers succeed by providing the resources to develop solutions to new and ongoing challenges, leverage their operations' strengths to drive change and grow the business through world-class customer management strategies.

To those outside the industry, contact centers appear to be a niche business. Yet today's contact center leaders find themselves wearing a number of different hats—trainer, coach, futurist, marketer, consultant, forecaster, IT specialist, accountant… and that's just on Mondays!

Linda Harden
Contact Center Pipeline

Welcome new subscribers! I am pleased to present to you Contact Center Pipeline. When we launched our publication a few years ago, our purpose was to bring together top industry experts to network and share our insights and experiences with you. I am thrilled to be working with our team of professionals in carrying out that goal.

As organizations everywhere are realizing, the products that are manufactured and the services rendered account for only a portion of business success. The way that we engage with our customers and employees is every bit as important. Our customer interactions significantly impact our brand and market images, and if we handle those contacts well, we’re able to pace the workflow appropriately to our staff. I think that sounds like everyone wins!

Yet contact centers leaders often find themselves up against countless obstacles in the pursuit of delivering a consistent, high-quality customer experience.