April 2009

Feature Article

Maximize the Value of Self-Service

By Susan Hash

Do your self-service channels offer consistent service that enhances the customer experience and supports your brand? Learn how leading organizations are working to understand their customers’ preferences, simplify self-service transactions, get customers to the right resources quickly and provide value-added services and information.

Agility Factor

Measuring Customer Handle Time: Introducing ACTI

By Jay Minnucci

Average handle time is an often-used and easy-to-capture metric. But it’s also a decidedly internal metric focusing on how long it takes our resources to handle the transaction, not the average amount of time that a customer invests with us. If we want to ensure that our metrics are pointing in the same direction as our intentions, we should be looking at our ACTI, average customer time investment. Find out how to calculate this valuable, customer-focused metric.

Tech Line

Virtual Reality: Seize the Opportunity

By Lori Bocklund

Every contact center can benefit from the realities of a virtualized environment. Learn about the opportunities virtualization technology offers, as well as a planning and analysis approach that aligns your processes, organization and technology with business goals.

Inside View

Whirlpool Corporation

By Susan Hash

This award-winning contact center supports a strong commitment to customer service excellence that stretches back to the company’s first order placed in 1911. At Whirlpool Corporation, effective leadership and employee engagement form the foundation of a world-class operation. Read about their people-focused culture.

Performance Matters

Audit Your New-Hire Training Program

By Rebecca Gibson

The first months of employment set the tone for agent engagement and success. You can make sure that your new-hire training program accomplishes its goals with minimum resources by auditing the entire process for efficiency and effectiveness. We’ll show you how.

Forecast Focus

The Value of Knowing Your Contact Rate

By Tiffany LaReau

Add more dimension and accuracy to your forecast by finding the correlation between your contact rate and customer base. We’ll take you through the steps involved in finding the data group, defining your customer base and finding the relationships.

Superior Service

Build Your Brand through Email

By Wanda Sitzer

The medium may be virtual, but the relationship is real. Writing emphatic and effective email responses can transform this mode of communication into a relationship-building tool that creates customer loyalty. Tips for ensuring that your agents can deliver on your brand promise and keep customers coming back.

Leading Thoughts

Optimizing the Customer Experience

By Kathleen Peterson

In the most advanced environments, delivering on the customer experience is an integral part of the business mission. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and it often falls to the contact center to analyze and conceive ways to contribute to that experience. Learn how to conduct a Customer Experience Optimization Review that will help you to translate strategic goals into tactical operational tasks and activities.