June 2009

Feature Article

The Impact of Word of Mouth in the Web 2.0 World

By Susan Hash

Social media provides a powerful platform for customer complaints. Anger and frustration fuel the desire to rant to an audience -- and one irate customer can do irreparable damage to a company’s image. Find out how leading companies are taking control of the online buzz about their products and services.

Tech Line

UC and Web 2.0 in the Contact Center

By Lori Bocklund

Web 2.0 may be the catalyst that unified communications needs to engage the rest of the enterprise in customer care. A look at how UC and Web 2.0 tools can work together to transform the traditional contact center model into enterprisewide customer interaction.

Agility Factor

Selling Service

By Jay Minnucci

Enterprise leadership still does not fully buy into the value of service. Thus, contact center leaders are waging an uphill battle for respect. Four steps to help you sell the value of service to key decision makers.

Performance Matters

Quality Monitoring: Back to Basics

By Rebecca Gibson

When managing the quality monitoring process, it’s easy to get off track and overlook the most compelling target: improving agent performance. Read about five back-to-basics strategies that will refocus your QM program on its fundamental goal.

Inside View


By Susan Hash

Zappos’ leaders and staff don’t think of their company as a retailer -- they consider themselves to be a service company that happens to sell shoes and apparel. A zealous commitment to customer service is quickly turning this online retailer into a service icon.

Superior Service

Developing a High-Powered Front Line

By Bob Furniss

While many companies tell their employees that they are empowered, they do it without the proper training and support. Find out how to take empowerment from buzzword to reality.

Forecast Focus

A Guide to Workforce Manager Ratios

By Tiffany LaReau

The contact center environment, equipment, infrastructure and workforce manager’s experience all play a role in determining the proper workforce makeup. A look at three typical contact center scenarios and their workforce ratios.

Leading Thoughts

The Impact of Agent Retention

By Kathleen Peterson

Sustaining a stable workforce is essential in today’s market. To retain your skilled frontline staff, assess your contact center’s practices and environment. Learn about the key contributors to agent turnover, and how to identify, and stop, critical talent leaks.