July 2009

Feature Article

Safeguarding Customer Data

By Susan Hash

A data security breach can cripple your organization -- costing an average $202 per compromised customer record, as well as long-term lost revenues due to increased customer churn. The No. 1 weakness in corporate data security is people. Learn how mobile devices and social networking can expose your company to data theft.

Agility Factor

The Case for Home Agents

By Jay Minnucci

Homesourcing is expected to be a key growth areas over the coming years. What are some of the less-publicized benefits of home agent programs? A look at the key questions and concerns you should be asking when considering whether to start a home agent initiative in your contact center.

Tech Line

Technology: A Critical Enabler for Home Agents

By Lori Bocklund and Brian Hinton

The business benefits of home agents are attractive, but what about voice quality, data connectivity and managerial control? An overview of the infrastructure, tools and technology plan to ensure a successful home agent program.

Performance Matters

Training Tips Every Manager Needs to Know

By Rebecca Gibson

You can improve the stickiness of your training through clear objectives, effective job aids and valid measurement. Learn about the most effective methods to increase the impact of your training.

Inside View

Sundance Vacations

By Susan Hash

A family oriented culture and supportive leadership translate into high employee engagement and longevity. Sundance Vacations has been named one of the Best Places to Work in Illinois three years in a row. Find out why.

Leading Thoughts

Enabling Customer Loyalty

By Tim Montgomery and Tim Handren

In organizations known for providing world-class service, every decision begins and ends with the customer impact in mind. How to develop a culture focused on consistency, customer loyalty and employee delight.

Forecast Focus

Collecting, Cleaning and Trending Raw Data

By Tiffany LaReau

Analyzing raw data often requires as much time and effort as producing the final forecast — but it’s time well-spent. A look at the four steps involved.

Superior Service

Making a Cross-Selling Connection

By Wanda Sitzer

Develop a cross-selling approach that adds value to the service interaction. How to avoid the three most common mistakes.