August 2009

Feature Article

Make Customer Feedback Actionable

By Susan Hash

Do your customer feedback methods provide input that is actionable and targeted toward improving the service experience? Contact center leaders offer essential advice on enhancing the process for collecting, analyzing and communicating the customer’s story.

Agility Factor

Building a Better Budget

By Jay Minnucci

What is the single, most important thing you can do to create a staffing budget that your CFO will endorse? Increase the transparency of your operation. Learn how to present meaningful data to justify your staffing projections and overcome common obstacles to the approval process.

Tech Line

Technology-Enabled Service Excellence

By Brian Hinton & Lori Fraser

Delivering consistent, high-quality customer care requires an integrated approach involving people, process and technology. A look at the tools and applications that can put your center on the path to service excellence.

Performance Matters

Alternatives to Classroom Training

By Rebecca Gibson

Classroom training may not be an option if your contact center is operating under budget and time constraints. Read about six alternative methods for communicating training information quickly and effectively.

Inside View

Comcast Digital Care

By Susan Hash

Are call centers ready for social media? Comcast thinks so. Its Digital Care team listens to customers through blogs, forums and Twitter, and proactively reaches out to offer assistance. Find out how the cable TV provider is striving to improve its service image one customer at a time.

Leading Thoughts

Training and Coaching: A Partnership for Performance

By Kathleen Peterson & Deborah Gefteas

Today’s call centers demand new, innovative and integrated approaches to staff development. Learn key strategies for optimizing new-hire and ongoing training and coaching.

Forecast Focus

Forecasting without WFM Software

By Tiffany LaReau

Manual forecasts often perform better than those produced from expensive software applications. We offer six tips for building an accurate forecast from scratch.

Superior Service

Coaching Champions

By Bob Furniss

Coaching is a call center manager’s most significant role, and should be considered the most important part of the day. A look at four critical elements to ensure coaching success for your frontline supervisors.