September 2009

Feature Article

Frontline Customer Care

By Susan Hash

Creating a strong service culture that enables your front line to act as customer advocates takes a shared vision, customer-centric metrics, communication and, importantly, a quality supervisor-employee relationship. Contact center leaders share their advice on how to set the stage for service excellence.

Agility Factor

Fitting Text Chat into the Contact Center

By Jay Minnucci

Business viewpoint: Text chat may offer contact centers a niche channel that helps to differentiate and strengthen their operation. Is it right for your center? Find out about the unique qualities of three chat types.

Tech Line

Text-Based Technology

By Lori Bocklund

Technology viewpoint: Text chat success requires strategy, process and technology integration. Learn about the key capabilities, considerations and approaches for planning and deploying the right technology in the right way for your contact center.

Performance Matters

E-Learning: Trends for a New Reality

By Rebecca Gibson

The recession’s impact on training budgets has shaped the future of e-learning. A look at seven key trends that will impact your training processes and goals.

Inside View

Deloitte Services

By Gerry Barber

One year ago, Deloitte Services’ support center operation adopted a continuous improvement initiative focused on delivering a distinctive customer experience. Read about the strategy steps that have guided their development, and lessons learned along the way.

Leading Thoughts

Moments of Truth: Drive Organizational Value through Every Interaction

By Tim Montgomery & Sharon Fernandez

Are your processes distracting CSRs from providing world-class service? A look at common barriers to service excellence, and what you can do to prepare your staff to provide a superior customer experience on every moment of truth.

Forecast Focus

Delivering WFM Reports without WFM Software

By Tiffany LaReau

You don’t need expensive WFM software to create concise, yet detailed reports for making informed scheduling decisions. Learn how to identify, document and deliver the critical pieces of information for accurate staffing.

Added Bonus for Subscribers

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