January 2010

Feature Article

Recruiting for Retention

By Susan Hash

Contact centers can expect increased competition for skilled service staff in the post-recession labor market — and skyrocketing attrition for those lacking solid programs to retain both new and veteran agents. Industry experts offer strategies to help you meet your recruiting and retention goals.

Agility Factor

Expanding the Contact Center’s Reach

By Jay Minnucci

Communications-based process automation is a promising technology with the potential to become a genuine catalyst for change within organizations. Learn about CBPA’s potential impact and benefits, as well as useful advice on how to sell its value to senior execs.

Tech Line

Process Optimization Comes to Fruition

By Lori Bocklund and Brian Hinton

If you’re not looking for ways to improve processes, you’re missing a golden opportunity. With the tools available today, process redesign can be less demanding on resources than in the past. A look at what’s possible, and the steps to a successful process optimization approach.

Performance Matters

Employee Performance: Focus on Your Superstars

By Rebecca Gibson

One size does not fit all when it comes to managing agent performance. Your top performers deserve as much, if not more, of your time and attention. Six strategies for inspiring and engaging your superstar agents.

Inside View

Extra Space Storage

By Susan Hash

Like other organizations that have taken back control of their customer care, management at Extra Space Storage found that running its own contact center allowed the company to deliver more consistent call quality. Learn how the company’s decision to bring its outsourced service in-house resulted in remarkable sales and performance improvements.

Leading Thoughts

The Quest for Creativity

By Henry Dortmans

If you’re ready to escape from the "do more with less" prison, a little creativity and strategic alliances can go a long way toward making big improvements and obtaining the critical "more for more" support from the CFO. Insights into the skills and partnerships that will put you on the right path.

Forecast Focus

Dissecting the Workforce Manager’s Role

By Tiffany LaReau

Few positions in the contact center are as diverse and rewarding as the workforce manager’s job. What is the profile of a successful workforce manager? A look at the key responsibilities, qualifications and roles for success.

Management ROI

Employee-Focused WFM

By Dan Rickwalder

How can you improve customer service, staff morale and cost performance? By implementing effective WFM practices that begin with agent engagement, education, communication and accountability. Two contact center leaders share advice and tips for obtaining staff buy-in to WFM changes.