February 2010

Feature Article

Driving Process Excellence

By Susan Hash

Increasing the contact center’s performance often requires an in-depth look at inefficiencies and errors that take place in other areas of the company. Find out how contact center leaders are identifying these service barriers and driving an organizationwide focus on the customer experience.

Agility Factor

Strategic Decisions that Define Culture

By Jay Minnucci

As a contact center leader, your actions help to define and establish your culture. Six key culture-shaping decisions that can help you to assess your center’s current values and begin moving in a positive direction.

Tech Line

Contact Center Technology Sourcing

By Brian Hinton

Contact center technology sourcing options have expanded to include a wide array of hosted services and support options. Four key considerations to help you make the best technology decisions for your business.

Performance Matters

New-Hire Training: Simulate a Real-World Experience

By Jay Blasing

Why does the majority of contact center turnover take place in the first six months? You can better prepare new agents for life in the contact center by replicating the true work environment during new-hire training. A look at one contact center professional’s experiences.

Inside View


By Susan Hash

In a time of complicated, multifunction communication gadgets, Jitterbug offers its customers simplicity. Read about this cellular provider’s focus on personal service over phone features.

Leading Thoughts

Impact Monitoring

By Cliff Hurst

Do your quality monitoring practices provide actionable insights for organizationwide improvement? These four vital questions will help you to achieve meaningful and lasting results.

Forecast Focus

The Workforce Manager’s Role: Tasks and Reports

By Tiffany LaReau

Whether you’re a contact center leader seeking a qualified workforce manager, or are currently considering WFM as a career, the right motivational fit for this job is important. A look at the recurring tasks and reports that are an essential part of the position.

Legislation Update

The Medium Picture for the Contact Center Industry

By Tim Searcy

How will the current economic outlook impact our industry? American Teleservices Association’s CEO Tim Searcy offers his views of the key trends for 2010.

Author Q&A

The Napkin, the Melon & the Monkey

By Tim Searcy

How well do your CSRs handle the pressure of dealing with irate callers? A Q&A with author Barbara Burke, whose new book offers insights for frontline staff on how to make better decisions, and therefore, better outcomes by choosing their reaction to stressful situations.