May 2010

Feature Article

Adding Sales to Your Service Culture

By Susan Hash

Companies have gotten smarter about the technology they use to support sales in the contact center, but most have not managed to make a successful cultural transformation from service to sales. A look at where centers are going wrong, and advice for making a smooth transition to a service-and-sales environment.

Agility Factor

Voices of the Customer

By Jay Minnucci

Today’s companies have many opportunities for listening to the voice of the customer. Increasing the clarity of those voices through customer survey management and reviews of unsolicited feedback channels is critical to drive change in the organization.

Tech Line

Make the Right Technology Choices to Hear the Voice of Your Customers

By Lori Bocklund, Brian Hinton and Lori Fraser

The appropriate technology can help companies to maximize the value of customer feedback. How to align goals, requirements and the existing environment to deliver on your voice of the customer strategy.

Performance Matters

Employee Performance: Managing the Bottom 10 Percent

By Rebecca Gibson

One size does not fit all when it comes to managing employee performance. In the final article of this three-part series, we offer tips for managing your low performers, and suggestions for handling employees who are close to the end.

Inside View


By Susan Hash

How does MetLife consistently maintain a high-performing contact center year after year? By creating a team of confident, satisfied and experienced agents.

Leading Thoughts

Coaching Frontline Leaders

By Tim Montgomery and Beverley McClure

The most critical success factor in agent performance is ongoing coaching for the supervisors who provide the frontline coaching. Find out how to develop and launch a leadership coaching program.

Forecast Focus

What to Do When Everyone Hates Their Schedules

By Tiffany LaReau

You can rarely make everyone happy with their schedules, but you can make changes that appease the majority. A six-step process for creating schedule harmony.

Management ROI

Align Frontline Compensation to VOC Metrics for Improved Performance

By Mike Desmarais

Is your center’s frontline compensation strategy driving the right type of behaviors and performance? Tying bonus and recognition practices to voice of the customer metrics is the best way to boost first-call resolution and customer satisfaction performance.