July 2010

Feature Article

Employee Engagement

By Susan Hash

The key drivers of employee engagement may differ from company to company, but the direct correlation to customer engagement and profitability has been proven at companies that recognize the value that their front line provides. A look at two companies whose employee-centric practices generate passion for customers and continuous improvement among their workforces.

Agility Factor

Blocking and Tackling

By Jay Minnucci

Forget about all the cool technologies designed to “wow” your customers — delivering on the service basics time after time will earn their loyalty. Sounds simple, yet so many organizations seem unable to accomplish it. Three steps to ensure that your center meets your customers’ basic service expectations.

Tech Line

Sell Leadership on Smart Technology Investments

By Brian Hinton

Budget season is coming up — can you build a solid case for technology that creates value by improving processes and workflow? Learn how to get your technology projects approved and funded.

Performance Matters

The Three Phases of Performance Management

By Rebecca Gibson

Does your center’s annual performance management process motivate your staff to grow? Does it contribute to their satisfaction or retention? A look at a three-phased performance management approach that shares accountability for planning, observation and evaluation with your agents.

Inside View

Legal Intake Professionals

By Susan Hash

Consistency in leadership, rewards, discipline and call quality is the key to employee engagement and high morale at this 24-hour legal intake and attorney answering service center.

Leading Thoughts

The Contact Center Development Model

By Lesley Vereen

Is your center struggling to improve its processes? A new development model, based on quality initiative maturity model concepts, offers a four-phased roadmap to optimizing performance.

Forecast Focus

Schedule Adherence: A Fun Exercise for Your Agents

By Jon Pratz

One of the most valuable lessons you can provide to your staff is the impact that an individual agent has on service levels and contact center performance. An entertaining exercise to illustrate the importance of schedule adherence.

Added Bonus for Subscribers

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Management ROI

Proving Quality

By Dan Rickwalder

Quality monitoring programs often do not deliver cost improvements in the initial stages. To find the real savings, you must evolve your program’s goals from contact center agent service consistency to enterprisewise process improvements.