August 2010

Feature Article

Multichannel Feedback

By Susan Hash

To provide consistent service delivery across contact channels, organizations need to consolidate feedback sources to develop a unified view of the customer. A look at the barriers and challenges facing today’s multichannel organizations.

Agility Factor

Building a Better Desktop

By Jay Minnucci

Do your agents have the information that they need to handle customer contacts accurately and efficiently? Key desktop design considerations to ensure that your agents have the right tools for the job.

Tech Line

It’s Time to Put the Spotlight on Desktop Optimization

By Lori Bocklund, Brian Hinton and Matt Morey

Few projects have the potential to improve agent efficiency and service delivery as desktop optimization. Read about the eight steps for an agent desktop makeover.

Performance Matters

Foster Lifelong Learning in the Contact Center

By Oscar Alban

Engaging in individual training sessions and setting performance benchmarks and goals can help your agents change their workplace mentality from “necessary paycheck” to “empowered agent.” Learn how to create a lifelong learning environment.

Inside View


By Susan Hash

At a time when most companies were slashing budgets, cutting resources and trimming staff, SciQuest was busy fine-tuning its customer communications and service delivery. Find out how this award-winning support provider puts the customer at the center of continuous improvement.

Leading Thoughts

Optimizing Skill-Based Routing

By Maggie Klenke

The road to effective SBR design is filled with obstacles. Find out how to navigate past the potholes.

Forecast Focus

Five Secrets of a Forecast Junkie

By Tiffany LaReau

Whether you’re a new workforce manager or a seasoned professional, our Power Forecaster’s tips will help you to hone your technique.

Superior Service

Moving Contact Centers from Planning into Action: The Frontline Leader’s Role

By Tim Montgomery and Sharon Fernandez

Does your leadership team inspire continuous improvement? Three key questions to help you drive a customer-centric view of your operation’s performance.