October 2010

Feature Article

Managing Seasonal Call Volume

By Susan Hash

If your center deals with seasonal surges in call volume, it can be a challenge to make sure that the right resources are in the right place at the right time. Read about eight options for handling periods of peak demand.

Agility Factor

Analysis and Reporting

By Jay Minnucci

Analytical reports tell a story about your center. Design them to provide value for the audience, and your voice will be heard. Key factors to keep in mind when developing your reports.

Tech Line

Turning Data into Insights with Transformational Reporting and Analytics Tools

By Lori Bocklund and Brian Hinton

Contact centers can transform their operations and customer experience by leveraging advanced reporting and analytics tools and processes. With so many options available, how do you decide which best serves your center’s requirements? A look at the path from raw data to insights.

Performance Matters

Managing Change: Supporting Employees through Turbulent Times

By Rebecca Gibson

In today’s contact centers, you can’t promise consistency or even security. However, you can support your staff by helping them to develop the competencies they need to work happily and competently in this environment. Steps to put your agents on the path toward accepting and appreciating change.

Leading Thoughts

Managing Metrics Effectively

By Larry Eiser

With all of the metrics available in a contact center, how do you figure out which ones you need to measure and focus on? Be selective in identifying the KPIs for your business, or you can easily get buried in the numbers.

Inside View

Zurich in North America

By Susan Hash

A look inside an insurance call—make that "care"—center that drives customer centricity in every interaction.

Management ROI

How to Lose Your Slice of the Budget Pie

By Dan Rickwalder

Budgets are comprised of four key components that work in tandem to produce an effective financial plan. When companies lose sight of that fact, budgeting can easily go wrong. A look at four common mistakes that can impact your budget.

Forecast Focus

Service Level Vs. Average Speed of Answer

By Tiffany LaReau

Service level and ASA are the most popular service goals in most centers. While service level can offer a more accurate indicator of a center’s accessibility, the report integrity can easily be tainted. How to identify and avoid service level fraud.

Healthy Workforce

Contact Center Ergonomics

By Tim Pottorff

The impact of just one lost-time illness or injury case can have a considerable impact on your organization’s bottom line. Find out how to keep your agents healthy and injury-free with the proper workstation equipment.