From the Editor

Welcome to the October issue.

Happy National Customer Service Week (Oct. 2-6)! Cheers to all of the frontline agents who handle one of the most challenging jobs, day-in and day-out, with a smile in their voices! There is no doubt that contact center agents have a tough role to play. These days, they’re required to handle increasingly complex issues or are often the human who’s called upon to help a disgruntled customer recover from a self-service failure.

It doesn’t seem like one week of appreciation is nearly enough. In fact, companies can—and should—look for ways to engage frontline staff year-round. Allowing agents to contribute their voices to process improvements, product design, workplace policies and even big-picture strategic decisions can demonstrate how much value they bring to the business. This month’s feature article highlights employee communities as a way to involve agents in collaboration and decision-making. Check it out for great resources for measuring and reporting on the community’s returns in a way that your senior execs will support—and fund.

Susan Hash
Contact Center Pipeline