From the Editor

Welcome to the December issue.

For this month's feature on social customer service, I spent a bit of time wandering down memory lane and reviewing my notes and articles from 2009. It's interesting to see just how much things have changed over the years.

Back then, I recall speaking with quite a few industry professionals who were convinced that social would never work as a customer service channel. It was understandable at the time—corporate legal departments were in distress over the perils of employees' personal social media accounts, what they might be publishing and how it might impact the business. The focus was on developing policies to restrict use of social media.

Eight years have brought about quite a transformation. Today, companies recognize that having a presence on social media is as essential as publishing a phone number or website. But how have attitudes toward social as a customer service channel changed? I spoke with leading social customer service experts to get their views on how far it has come and the challenges that still exist. They had some interesting things to share, which you can read in our December feature. Enjoy!

Susan Hash
Contact Center Pipeline