Lori Bocklund

I don’t know about you, but I miss those hard copy publications that I could read on airplanes or over lunch. But I also like the online access to archives and the ability to search and find good content on particular topics when I need it. CCP offers both.

Our team of consultants at Strategic Contact will be offering a monthly pipeline of contact center technology insights – your monthly “Tech Line.” We’ll cover an array of timely topics that should be valuable to both operations and technology leaders. Our column will frequently align with Jay Minnucci’s “Agility Factor” column to provide important perspectives from both sides of the center – those running the operations and those providing and supporting the technology to enable it. We hope you’ll find valuable information there to help you optimize your

center and plan for improvements.

It’s an exciting and challenging time in our industry, with so much change going on and the need to find ever more efficient and effective ways to service and sell to customers. Do yourself a favor and sign up to receive Contact Center Pipeline. And don’t forget to tell your colleagues in other parts of the organization to sign up as well. Then you’ll all be ready to tackle the “next big thing.”

Thanks, and we’ll see you on the Pipeline!

Lori Bocklund
Founder and President
Strategic Contact