From the Editor

Welcome to the June issue.

Raise your hand if your company’s C-suite is obsessed with technology. It’s troubling to think that CEOs have more confidence in technology than their human talent. Even more so that they would prioritize technology investments over people as their top assets for future business success (Korn Ferry research).

Consumers, on the other hand, demand authenticity in their experiences with companies, which is best delivered by a human. In the contact center world, leaders not only understand this critical point, but they also work hard to raise the visibility of their people and to highlight the impact that human agents have on customer loyalty and revenue.

Getting the C-suite’s attention requires some creativity to augment routine quantitative reports with powerful, people-centric stories. Infusing your executive presentations with emotional content can put the focus back on the humans at both ends of the phone lines. Read more about it in this month’s issue.

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Susan Hash
Contact Center Pipeline