October 2017


The Value of Communities

By Susan Hash

Collaborate to innovate. Employee and customer communities provide more than ROI.

Agility Factor

What the Frontline Supervisor Survey Says

By Jay Minnucci

Answers to your frequently asked questions about how the supervisor’s role is structured in other contact centers.

Artificial Intelligence

AI: Streamlining Contact Center Technology

By Jim Iyoob

Blend smart technology with the human touch to improve customer experience.

Idiom Insights

Mastering the “Fine Art” of Conversation in a Digital World

By Kathleen Peterson

Adjust training programs to include the value of conversation, and not just with customers.

Leading Thoughts

Leveraging UC and Collaboration

By Todd Carothers

Strengthen your team—and your business—by equipping agents with digital tools to empower and engage.

Learning & Development

Designing High-Impact Training Modules

By Brian Burke

Use a systematic approach to create a learning experience that prepares new-hires for success.

Sponsor Spotlight

PCI Compliance: An Overview of PCI Standards

By Roger Lee

The amount of personal data entering the organization through the contact center is increasing, and you need to provide a way to keep it secure.

Sponsor Spotlight

Engaged Employees = Happy Customers

By Roger Woolley

Creating a dynamic culture that encourages employee engagement means addressing what’s important to contact center employees.

Tech Line

Optimize Technology Value

By Brian Hinton

Doing more with technology is not just about more licenses or infrastructure. Success depends on how you use technology—new or old.

The View from the Saddle

I Can See Clearly Now—Clearing the Contact Center Clouds

By Paul Stockford

The true cloud contact center is the future, and the cloud native platform is the road to the future.

Workforce Ergonomics

Hand-held Technology… Bane or Boon?

By Timothy Pottorff

Use hand-held devices appropriately to achieve proper balance.